Left Or Right AirPod Not Charging Anymore? (Fixed!)

one airpod not charging

One AirPod not charging

Is your left or right AirPod not charging anymore? You place both Bluetooth earbuds in the case but only one of them charges while the other one doesn’t? Battery percentage not available in Settings?

One AirPod Not Charging Anymore?

This issue has been reported by Chris:

“Left airpod not charging. Battery status also not displayed in app!”

I haven’t encountered this problem, but have seen plenty similar reports on the web including:

How To Fix Right or Left AirPod Not Charging

Considering the the AirPods Case is charged and that you’ve already tried to reinsert the AirPod you’re most likely dealing with a hygiene issue:

1. Clean AirPods

one airpod not charging fix
Lint accumulation can prevent one or both of your AirPods from properly connecting with the charging pins.

First, use a dry, microfiber cloth to clean the AirPod stem. Insist on the area of the silver contacts available at the end of the stem!

2. Clean Charging Case

airpods case lint charging issues
Next, use a periodontal brush and/or a Q-tip or toothpick to clean the charging port available inside the case. You might need some alcohol if the lint is old and won’t brush off easily.

Tip: Don’t spray the alcohol (or water) directly in the case moisten the Q-tip in it before brushing. Be patient after cleaning for any moisture to completely dry off before bringing the AirPods back in the case!

3. Add A Layer

Apparently, in some cases the AirPods won’t charge if pressed down too hard in the case. This might be caused by a manufacturing imperfection.

ounikyou informs that he managed to fix one AirPod not charging by placing a foam tape inside the case to force the AirPod to have a higher contact point and thus perfectly align with the charging pins!

4. Reset AirPods

If hygiene wasn’t the problem you can also try to fix it via software. Try resetting them to factory settings and let us know if it helps:

  • 1. With the AirPods in the case and the lid open, remove them from iPhone. (Settings -> [AirPods Name] -> Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the AirPods name -> Forget This Device).
  • 2. Press & hold the setup button available on the back of the charging case.
  • 3. Release only after 15 seconds, when the status light flashes ‘amber’ and then ‘white’.
  • 4. Close the lid and reopen it with your iPhone nearby. Reconnect AirPods to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Tap Connect and follow the on screen prompts!
  • More: for additional details check this article!

Have you managed to fix AirPod not charging issue? Do you have a better solution or more questions? Use the comments section.

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