List Of Apps & Games Which Updated With Support For iPhone X

collection of apps and games with support for iphone x

Apps & Games with support for iPhone X.

With less than a week until we literally get our hands on the 10th anniversary iPhone model, App Store developers are starting to fine tune their software for Apple’s bezel-less, but notched, iPhone X. The much expected iPhone ‘Ten’ comes with an indent at the top of the screen that hosts the revolutionary TrueDepth camera system which powers the Face ID authentication feature, as well as other features like Animoji control and Portrait Lightning.

However, due to this ‘imperfection’, the iPhone X display doesn’t have a standard rectangular display and app developers have to carve their way around the notch, in order to make use of the full iPhone X screen real estate. The good news is that App Store updates have already started to occur. The ESPN: Live sports & scores app has received version 5.10.2 which announces that the software is “optimized for iOS 11 and the new iPhone X”!

Apps With Support For iPhone X
Below I’ve opened up a collection with all apps and games that have been upgraded or are newly released, with ‘iPhone Ten’ compatibility. Don’t get me wrong, all 64-bit apps compatible with iOS 11 will run on the iPhone X, but those that don’t receive support might come with ugly top-bezels if run in portrait mode, or unaesthetic left and right bezels for landscape mode:
1. ESPN: Live sports & scores (FREE) The popular sports app that provides live scores, news, live video sports streaming and much more.
2. ChibiStudio (FREE) – Create anime characters for your iMessage conversations. Over 1,000 options available for eyes, hair, mouth, clothing and more.
3. Super Mario Run (FREE) Nintendo has updates its popular game to properly fit on the iPhone X screen.
4. Progressive (FREE) – The Progressive Insurance app has updated with support for both Face ID and the iPhone X 5.8-inch OLED display!
5. 1Password (FREE) – This popular password collector for your iPhone has updated to version 7 which among others, brings support for the iPhone X and Face ID.
6. Halide – RAW Manual Camera ($2.99) – A professional camera app that has updated, in version 1.5.0 with a new User Interface to suit the iPhone X.
7. AR MeasureKit (FREE) – A great measuring app that uses the iOS 11 augmented reality technology. It also provides a free Face Mesh for iPhone X users!
8. Overcast (FREE) – this audio podcast player app has been updated to nicely fit on the iPhone X!
9. V For Wikipedia ($5.99) – Version 1.4.2 bring iPhone X optimization for this iOS app that helps you discover great Wikipedia articles related to your current location or any other spot in the world.
10. Deliveries: a package tracker ($4.99) – Version 8.0.6 updates with support for the iPhone ‘Ten’. Use this app to keep track all your packages in one place!
11. Procam 5 ($4.99) – A profesionall photo & video app for your iPhone & iPad. It scores over 6.5 million downloads and version 10.2 brings support for the gorgeous 5.8″ iPhone X screen.
12. Fantastical 2 For iPhone ($4.99) – An award-winning calendar app for your iPhone and iPad. Grab version 2.9.2 because its ready for the iPhone X!
13. Glasses by Warby Parker (FREE) – A great new iPhone X feature which uses the TrueDepth camera to map your face and show you which frame suits you better!
14. To be updated!

Important: If you’re aware of other apps that receive iPhone X support please share them with us, with the help of the comments section available below and I will update them in the above collection.

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