M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpapers For 2023 Macs [Download]

m2 macbook pro wallpaper download

M2 MacBook Pro wallpaper 2023

Looking to download the new M2 MacBook Pro wallpapers? Apple has released new Macs today, powered by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips and we already have the pink and green wallpapers used in the mini-keynote!

M2 MacBook Pro Wallpapers

Below you can download the low resolution wallpapers that Apple showcased in the M2 MacBook Pro keynote:

  • M2 Pro MacBook Pro Wallpaper

    m2 macbook pro wallpaper green

  • M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpaper

    m2 max macbook pro wallpaper

  • Source: Google Photos.

M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpapers 4K

If you’re looking for the high quality, 4K resolution, it will be updated here soon:

  • M2 Pro MacBook Pro Wallpaper 4K

    m2 macbook pro wallpaper 4k green

  • M2 Max MacBook Pro Wallpaper 4K

    m2 max macbook pro wallpaper 4k pink

  • Source: Google Photos

M2 MacBook Pro Light and Dark Wallpapers 2023

grid magenta light & dark desktop

Grid Magenta Light & Dark desktop for macOS

You can now also download the Light and Dark version of these new wallpapers.

Use this Google Photos link and proceed as follows:

  • 1. Click on the desired Grid wallpaper Green or Magenta, available in the Google Photos album.
  • 2. Click the three-vertical-dots, available in the top-right corner of the screen and go for Download (also works with Shift + D keyboard combo).
  • Fact: This will allow you to download the .HEIC version of the wallpapers which allows them to automatically switch from Light to Dark mode on any macOS computer!

  • 3. Open System Settings (or System Preferences on macOS Monterey and earlier).
  • 4. Scroll for Wallpaper in the left sidebar and click it.
  • 5. Scroll all the way down to Add Folder and click it.
  • 6. Select the recently downloaded wallpaper. That’s it!
  • Tip: you can scroll to the top of the Wallpaper screen and switch from Automatic to Light or Dark mode if you don’t want to allow it to switch automatically!

    Source: iSoftware Updates on Twitter.

Do you like the new M2 MacBook backgrounds? Do you plan to download and use them on your own non-M2 device? Share your feedback in the comments.

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