Mac Fingerprint Not Working, Slow, In macOS Ventura? (Fix?)

mac touch id not working

Mac Fingerprint not working

Touch ID not working on Mac in macOS Ventura? Fingerprint unlock is slow or unresponsive even after macOS 13.0.1 update? Do you need to keep your finger for more than 30 seconds on the reader until your print is read? You’re not alone!

Mac Fingerprint Slow in macOS Ventura?

This issue has been reported by santhosh (MacBook Air M2, macOS 13.0.1):

“After update, fingerprint reader is slow/unresponsive. I tried re-adding the fingerprints but still problem occurs. Need to keep my finger for 30 seconds for it to unlock.”

We couldn’t replicate the problem but have found a similar complaints on Apple’s Discussion Forums:

“TouchID is not working in macOS Ventura.”

Are you experiencing similar Mac Touch ID issues? Please report them in the comments. Do mention your Mac model, macOS version and any other details that could help us find the trigger and file a detailed feedback report to Apple.

How To Fix Mac Touch ID Not Working

If this is a macOS Ventura bug, Apple will have to sort it out in an upcoming software update. Until then you can try the following workarounds:

1. Restart Mac

Rebooting your computer is a temporary fix! Apparently, the issue will reoccur once your MacBook enters sleep mode for the first time.

Tip: To restart click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and go for Restart.

Fact: Touch ID won’t work right after a reboot. First you have to sign with your account password.

2. Reconfigure Fingerprint

Another troubleshooting options requires you to add a secondary fingerprint or reconfigure both prints if you’re already using two:
Open System Settings -> Touch ID & Password -> Add Fingerprint.

Tip: Hover an existing print and click the ‘x’ to remove it.

3. Restart Keyboard

If you’re using the Apple Magic Keyboard turn it Off and restart it.

Credits: This fix has been confirmed by BJ-Oern.

Have you managed to fix Mac fingerprint reader not working properly in macOS 13? Do you have a better solution or more issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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