MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube 4K HDR Video Playback

MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube playback

MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube playback

Is your brand new MacBook Pro crashing when playing YouTube videos? Are you playing 4K HDR video content on your M1 Pro or M1 Max powered computer and the device unexpectedly reboots after exiting fullscreen mode?

2021 MacBook Pro Crashing During YouTube Playback

This macOS Monterey issue has been reported to us by Lara:

“M1 pro macbook crashing after playing youtube video in Safari! Anyone else?”

I’ve found similar reports on the MacRumors Forums:

“I keep getting a kernel crash when watching HDR videos in Youtube and scrolling through the comments”

How To Replicate MacBook Pro YoutTube Crashing Issue

MacBook Pro rebooting unexpectedly
If you own an M1 Pro or M1 Max powered MacBook open a 4K HDR YouTube video in Safari. For example, you can click this link (Reptiles & Amphibians 8K HDR 60FPS (FUHD) DolbyVision).

To reproduce the problem watch the video in fullscreen. When you exit fullscreen mode your 2021 MacBook Pro might unexpectedly shutdown and reboot.

The bug might also occur while scrolling through the comments of the video.

How To Fix MacBook Pro Crashing While Playing YouTube 4K HDR Videos

Most likely, this issue has to be fixed by Apple with a macOS Monterey software update. However, there is a workaround that you can apply until then.

Disable AV1 Codec

how to add extension to google chrome
Apparently the MacBook Pro unexpected reboots are caused by a glitch involving the AV1 codec. To bypass the issue you have to disable it, but this can only be done in Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome, which you can download from (direct link).
  • Next, you have to install the enhanced-h264ify Extension for Google Chrome.
  • How to:
    – Click on Chrome, available in the top-left corner of the menu bar and go for Preferences.

    -> Next, click on Extensions available at the end of the left sidebar.
    Now click the three-lines icon available next to Extensions, in the top-left corner of the screen.

    -> Go for Open Chrome Web Store and search for the enhanced-h264ify extension. It allows you to choose what video codec YouTube should use when playing videos.

    -> Click Add Extension and confirm.
    how to fix macbook pro crashing in youtube

  • Click the Google Chrome Extensions icon available in the top-right corner, at the end of the address bar.
  • Click on the enhanced-h264ify extension. Block AV1 and everything else exceptin VP9!

Now play the 4K HDR YouTube videos. Does your 2021 MacBook Pro still crash? Use the comments section to share your feedback. Also, don’t hesitate to share a better workaround if available.

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