2021 MacBook Pro Not Charging When Powered Off (Fix?)

MacBook Pro Not Charging when powered off

MacBook Pro Not Charging when powered OFF

Is your brand new 2021 MacBook Pro not charging when powered off? The MagSafe status light flashes amber, signaling a charging issue? In the same time with the status light turning On and Off, the charging sound effect can also be heard.

2021 MacBook Pro Charging Issues

2021 macbook pro not charging when shut down
This problem has been reported by Nando on our macOS 12.0.1 review page:

“Macbook Pro M1 Max not charging when shut down. Magsafe status light flashes and charging sound is played as the charging process is starting and stopping in a loop! It only happens when computer is powered off!”

It appears that this issue is common, because a similar report on Reddit has got a lot of traction:

“2021 MacBook does not charge when it’s completely shut down.”

How To Fix MacBook Pro Not Charging

Apparently this issue is only occurring in macOS 12.0.1 which is the first and current public version of macOS Monterey. However, the 2021 MacBooks ship with macOS 12.0 a version that doesn’t face the same charging problems.

So, the good news is that this MacBook Pro charging issue is software and not hardware related.

Until Apple issues a fix in an upcoming software update, this is how you can deal with the problem:

1. Charge While Turned On

The 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro or M1 Max charge normally when turned ON!
More, charging continues normally even if you power the computer Off once charging starts while the computer is ON.

Fact: You can even close the lid and the MagSafe status light will continue to show amber status light.

2. Open The Lid

If the MacBook Pro is turned OFF, open the lid before plug-ing in the MagSafe charger. Charging should start normally and the notebook will auto boot. You can shut it down again when it displays the log-in screen.

Fact: Now you can also close the lid, as the macOS 12.0.1 charging issue has been bypassed.

3. Change MagSafe Charger

Reports conclude that the MacBook charging issue is only occurring with the 140W charger. If you have a different MacBook charger around you can try with a smaller power adapter.

Is your 16-inch MacBook Pro not charging when shut down? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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