macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 Features, Fixes And Bugs

macOS Monterey Beta 2 Update

macOS Monterey Beta 2 Update

Apple has released macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 with build number 21A5268h, roughly three weeks after the initial test version. macOS 12 Beta 2 can be downloaded over-the-air in System Preferences, as long as Mac is enrolled to the Apple Developer Seed Program and is compatible with Monterey.

How To Update To macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2

Although Beta 1 has been very stable and reliable we still recommend you to proceed with caution when opting to install macOS 12 Beta 2 on your Apple computer, especially if you’re upgrading from a public Big Sur release!
Important: Backup your MacBook via Time Machine before proceeding as explained here!
macOS 12 Beta 2 Update

1. From macOS Monterey Beta 1

  • Open System Preferences and click on Software Update.
  • Go for Update Now and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. From macOS Big Sur

  • Download the macOS Monterey Access Utility (You need an Apple Developer subscription).
  • Install the macOS 12 Beta Profile (Available in ‘Downloads’).
  • Download the macOS Monterey Beta 2 file.
  • Install macOS 12 Beta 2.
  • Tutorial: For a detailed step-by-step guide click here.

macOS Monterey Beta 2 Features

1. Shortcuts are now scriptable and can be easily edited in macOS 12.
2. Webpage Reload button is back in the Safari address bar.
3. New Screensaver: Hello screensaver rolling out for non-M1 Mac models.

macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 Fixes

– Input devices disconnecting unexpectedly issue has been fixed.
– Fixes images and thumbnails that were displaying a black or white grid overlay.
– Fixed a Find My issue that was preventing users to bring devices in Lost Mode.
Automatic Sharing switch in Messages now works as expected. ‘Shared with You’ no longer appear when the feature is disabled.
– Fixed “Shared with You” to no longer appear when the Automatic Sharing switch in Messages is turned off.
– Safari bug that prevented websites from loading properly when Hide IP address from Trackers is enabled.

macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 Bugs

macOS Monterey beta 2 storage bug
1. Extra Storage Bug: Mac might show more extra storage available than the actual maximum disk capacity, as seen in the above screenshot available from user TheDougRB on Reddit.
2. To be updated…

macOS Monterey Beta 2 Update Log

For the full macOS 12 Beta 2 release notes click here.

Have you updated to macOS Monterey Beta 2? Have you found any new features? What about other bugs? Share your feedback in the comments section please!

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