macOS Ventura Battery Drain During Sleep Mode? (Fix?)

macos ventura battery drain sleep

macOS Ventura battery drain during sleep

Experiencing macOS Ventura battery drain during sleep mode? Mac battery drains overnight since you updated to macOS 13? This usually happens when third-party apps are preventing your computer from entering sleep phase!

Mac Battery Drains Overnight?

This issue has been reported by Romain in our macOS Ventura review page:

“Mac battery drains while sleeping after Ventura update!”

We’ve found similar complaints on Reddit:

“This morning I had a surprise, I left my MacBook Pro M1 at 28% and woke up with almost 6%.”

How To Fix Mac Battery Drains During Sleep

To stop the battery drain while powered off you have to find the apps that prevent your computer from entering sleep mode:
macos ventura preventing sleep apps

  • 1. Open Activity Monitor using Spotlight Search (command + Space and type Activity).
  • 2. Click View in the top-left menu bar.
  • 3. Select Colums and enable Preventing Sleep, available as the last option at the bottom of the menu!
  • 4. Return to the Activity Menu and check which apps or processes are labeled with Yes in the Preventing Sleep column.
  • 5. Click the [app name] and use the x icon at the top of the Activity Monitor to kill the respective process. Does this fix the overnight battery drain?

Fact: In most cases third-party apps are responsible for the excessive battery drain when the MacBook lid is closed. Are you encountering the same?

Extra Fix for Mac Battery Drain While Sleeping

Users have also reported that they noticed increased battery drain when a second display is connected to the MacBook:

“if I leave my second display connected, it drains battery, even tho it’s on sleep and drains like 20-40% overnight.”

Tip: If you’re encountering the same issue you might want to disconnect your secondary display during sleep.

Have you managed to fix macOS Ventura battery drain problems? Do you have a better solution or more issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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