macOS Ventura WiFi Problems? Internet Not Working? (Fix!)

macOS Ventura WiFi not working

macOS Ventura WiFi not working

Are you having macOS Ventura WiFi problems? Is the Internet not working on Mac after macOS 13 update? Wi-Fi icon greyed out in menu bar? This issue is common in these early stages, but thankfully there’s an easy fix available!

macOS Ventura WiFi Not Working?

This issue has been reported by Alexander on our macOS 13 Public Beta 3 review page:

“Internet connection not working after this update. Wi-Fi icon in menu bar has an exclamation mark and the Wi-Fi toggle is greyed out. Anyone else experiencing the same?”

We couldn’t replicate it but have found a series of similar reports on the MacRumors forums.

Bug is confirmed on 16″ MacBook Pro M1, 14″ MacBook Pro M1 Pro. Are you experiencing it too. Share it in the comments please. We will share this article in the Feedback report.

How To Fix macOS Ventura WiFi Issues

If WiFi glitches in macOS 13 perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make WiFi Service Active

Apparently there’s a glitch in macOS 13 Public Beta 3 that renders Wi-Fi service inactive. To fix it proceed as follows:
macos ventura wifi inactive

  • Open System Settings and click on Network.
  • Right-click Wifi.
  • Click Make Service Active.
  • Does this help. Is Mac connected to the Internet?

2. Remove Network and ReConnect

If the problem persist your next step is to remove the WiFi network that you have issues with an reconnect to it later on:

  • Open System Settings -> Network.
  • Go to Advanced WiFi settings.
  • Click the WiFi network in question and remove it.
  • Click the WiFi icon in the menu bar and reconnect to the previously removed network. You should find it in the Other Networks section.
  • Fact: You do need to know the networks password to be able to rejoin!

Have you managed to fix macOS Ventura WiFi greyed out? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments.

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