Messenger 4 The Revamped Facebook Messenger For iOS And Android

Facebook Messenger 4 new layout

Facebook Messenger 4 new layout.

Facebook has started to roll out a revamped version of its popular Messenger app for iOS and Android. Messenger 4 is a simplified more easy to use version of the instant messaging app. The Home screen features only three tabs, in the bottom menu, instead of five, as well as a new camera icon in the top-right corner that allows users to quickly share photos and videos with friends and family. The three tabs from the top menu have also been removed and merged to the new Chats section.

The bottom menu contains the above mentioned, Chats tab, which combines regular and group conversations. In the middle of the menu you will find the People tab to check who’s active and what new stories your friends have posted, while Discover is the third and final item in this menu, which allows you to play instant games, connect with business, follow the news and more. Besides, this revamped bottom section, there are also new options that allow you to personalize conversations. Among the new customization tools you have nicknames, emojis and various chat colors.

facebook messenger 4 dark mode Tip: The ability to tweak chat colors allows you to create a much expected Dark Mode with editable chat bubble shades. This way you can make Facebook Messenger more eye-friendly when used in a low-light environment. The downside is that all edits are available for the current chat. Changes are not applied app-wide, which means that you have to tweak each conversation separately, if you want to create a Dark Mode for all conversations.

Fact: Facebook Messenger 4 has started rolling out today, but the new version will become available gradually to worldwide users. It can take days, if not weeks until everyone can update. FB Messenger is downloadable for free from the App Store. Tap here to download and update to Messenger 4! For more info about Messenger 4 you can read Facebook’s official announcement.

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