Mobile Data Not Working On iPhone In iOS 16.1? (Fix?)

mobile data not working ios 16.1

Mobile Data not working iOS 16.1

Mobile data not working on iPhone after iOS 16.1 update? Cellular data stops working when you’re moving out of WiFi range? Device isn’t able to switch to carrier data and loses Internet connectivity until you reboot? You’re not alone!

Mobile Data Not Working iOS 16?

This issues has been reported by Scott:

“My iPhone 13mini drops mobile data and I need to reboot the phone. This typically happens if I have been on wifi then move out of range. Mobile data is not kicking in until I reboot.”

We couldn’t replicate the issue and did not find any other similar reports, excepting the Cellular Issue Detected error that we’ve covered during the iOS 16 beta stages.

Are you experiencing the same problem as Scott? Share it in the comments section of this article please. Do mention your iPhone model and software version. We’re reporting this issue to Apple as soon as we have the confirmation that this isn’t just an isolated case.

How To Fix Mobile Data Stops Working

Apparently you have to reboot your iPhone to get back the cellular data connectivity!

1. Restart iPhone

We recommend you to perform the force restart combo for the quickest results:

  • Briefly click and release Volume Up, followed by Volume Down and press & hold the Side Button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen!

Fact: Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution, because the mobile data will stop working again as soon as the above trigger is met, getting out of WiFi range.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Cezar and Gina have confirmed the following troubleshooting sequence:

  • 1. Completely turn Off WiFi in Settings -> WiFi.
  • 2. Enable Airplane mode, in Control Center
  • 3. Reboot iPhone (or force restart).
  • 4. Disable Airplane mode. Mobile Data should work now (test it out in Safari).
  • 5. Enable WiFi in Settings.
  • Fact: Let us know in the comments if it works for you too.

Extra Fix For iOS 16 Mobile Data Issues

If you’re using a VPN on your iPhone you should try to disable it.

Rachel informs that turning off the Virtual Private Network on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, has allowed the device to reconnect to the Internet.

Tip: You can disable VPN on iPhone from the provider’s specific app and in Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management.

(Updated, November 21)

Reinstall iOS 16 To Fix Mobile Data Not Working

Scott confirmed that he managed to fix cellular data issues on iPhone by reinstalling the current iOS 16 version:

  • For this you need a computer, Mac or Windows and the Finder / iTunes software.
  • A Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable.
  • Internet Connectivity.
  • How to: A step-by-step guide for clean installing iOS 16 is available here.

Extra Fix For iOS 16 Mobile Data Issues

You can also try disabling 5G connectivity and see if it helps:
mobile data 4g setting

  • 1. Open Settings and tap on Mobile Data.
  • 2. Go for Mobile Data Options -> Voice & Data.
  • 3. Select 4G instead of 5G On or 5G Auto.

Have you managed to fix Cellular data stops working on iPhone in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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