Monument Valley 2 Free To Download In The App Store (Save $4.99)

Monument Valley 2 free to download in the App Store

Monument Valley 2 free to download in the App Store.

It’s been a while since we posted an App Store deal for you. However, the lock down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is a good reason to stay at home and explore new iOS apps, especially if they are on sale! Today I have a special recommendation for you. The popular Monument Valley 2 iPhone and iPad game is now free to download! Hurry up and save $4.99! This deal is a rare find and it surly won’t last too long.

The first version of this game, Monument Valley, was voted the App Store game of the year 2014. Monument Valley 2 (A story of beauty and illusion) is currently ranked 10th in the Puzzle category and has an average rating of 4.3 our of 5. There are a total of more than 4.1 K ratings. The story-line requires you to help a mother, called Ro, and her child as they venture out in a magical valley. Explore stunning environments and manipulate architecture to discover illusionary pathways and solve challenging puzzles.

monument valley 2 gameplay Monument Valley 2 Free App Store Download
1. Direct App Store Download Link: Monument Valley 2
2. App Size: 512 MB
3. Software Requirements: iOS 9.0 or later.
4. Hardware needed: iPhone 5S or newer.
5. Age Rating: 4+
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Monument Valley 2 Gameplay
monument valley 2 the vestibule puzzleAs soon as you open the game you’re informed that you should keep your sound on for optimal game experience.
The story starts with a demo path. You learn that you have to tap the path in order to move Ro (the mother). Then you’re required to twist a handle to create the pathway and complete the introductory puzzle.
Next up is the vestibule. Here is the place where Ro introduces her child to the world. Grab the app and start playing if you want to find out more!

Fact: You can still download the original sequel from the App Store. Monument Valley (A Quest For Forgiveness) currently retails for $3.99 and ranks one place higher than its sequel!

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