New Apple Watch Pride Threads Watch Face [How To]

Apple Watch Pride Threads watch face

Apple Watch Pride Threads watch face.

A new Apple Watch Pride watch face is available for all devices running watchOS 8.6 or later. It’s called Pride Threads and comes as the 2022 addition to the Pride collection watch faces for the Apple Watch!

How To Get Apple Watch Pride Threads

All that you have to do is add the new template to the watch face gallery and select it. This can be done directly from your wrist:
how to add pride threads watch face

  • 1. Long-press on your current watch face.
  • 2. Swipe-left until you reach the New screen. Tap the + icon.
  • 3. Tap on New Watch Faces.
  • 4. Go for Pride Threads and tap on it. Tap Add Face.
  • 5. Select if you want the Background to be ON or OFF and click the Digital Crown to return to save your settings.
  • Pride threads settings

    Tip: The Background Off setting sets a black background and hides the watches bezels. It’s my preferred option.

    Fact: You can also install the new Apple Watch Pride watch face from the Watch app on the paired iPhone (running iOS 15.5 or later). Tap on Face Gallery and select Pride Threads in the New Watch Faces section!

Apple Watch Pride Threads Tips & Tricks

Pride Threads Watch Faces
– Rotate the Digital Crown and the Pride Threads will start vibrating. You will also feel the animation thanks to the haptic feedback.

– You can also send vibrations across the Pride Threads watch face if you tap the screen.

– Move your wrist and the threads that morph to display the current time move accordingly.

What do you think about the new Apple Watch Pride watch face? Do you plan to use it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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