New iOS 14 Notifications For Fully Charged Apple Watch & Low Power AirPods

new iOS 14 AirPods Pro low battery notification

New iOS 14 AirPods Pro low battery notification.

iOS 14 brings lots of new features for your iPhone. The most important ones have been highlighted by Apple during the WWDC 2020 keynote, while others are left for us to uncover. The iOS 14 Developer beta is out so we aren’t wasting anytime. One of the new features noticed today is that an iPhone, running iOS 14 ,sends a notification when the paired Apple Watch is fully charged! Let’s take a look at how this works!

iOS 14 Notifications For Fully Charged Apple Watch

iOS 14 Apple Watch is fully charged banner notification

iOS 14 Apple Watch is fully charged banner notification.

Banner Notification

If you’re using your iPhone when the paired Apple Watch reaches 100% battery percentage a banner notification is triggered by iOS 14. The alert slides in from the top of your screen.
It’s titled ‘Apple Watch Battery’ and informs that ‘[apple watch name] is fully charged’.
Tip: You can dismiss it by swiping it back up.

Lock Screen Notification

If your iPhone is locked when the Apple Watch becomes fully charged the new iOS 14 notification will be displayed on the Lock screen.

iOS 14 AirPods Low Power Notifcation

This one is actually mentioned by Apple on their website, but it’s still cool to talk about it. iPhones running iOS 14 are now able to notify you when the AirPods battery levels drop below %20, reminding you to charge them.
The AirPods battery life notifications are also available as banners when iPhone is used, or Lock screen ones when your iOS device is idle.
Fact: All these notifications will also display in the Notification Center.

Why Are Apple Watch Fully Charged Notifications Handy?

These new iOS 14 alerts are useful because they help you maximize the time you wear your watch. watchOS 7 brings Sleep Tracking to the Apple Watch and many users wear their wrist-gadgets during nighttime too. This will sometimes require you to charge your Apple in the morning and fully charged notifications are highly welcomed!

Many of you would argue that the iPhone itself requires a charging status notification which could be displayed in macOS Big Sur, iPadOS 7 or watchOS 7 and inform you that you can pick up your iPhone from the charging stand. But I’m sure that this is in the works and will become available soon as the path has been already set!

Do you find these new iOS 14 notifications handy? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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