Adobe Photoshop Doesn’t Save Files In macOS Monterey (Fix!)

photoshop save not available in macOS Monterey

Photoshop Save not available in macOS Monterey

Have you recently updated Mac to macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and Photoshop doesn’t save files anymore? Has Adobe’s software stopped displaying the ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ options? ‘Export’ isn’t working either?

Adobe Photoshop Cannot Save Files

This issue has been reported by Michael G.:

“Does anyone else have the fun one where Photoshop DOESN’T SAVE if the laptop is connected to an external monitor? Isn’t that a great one? Graphic Designers rejoice — you cannot save your work unless you use the laptop screen!”

This appears to be a common problem as similar reports on the Adobe Community forums confirm:

“‘Save As’ no longer works after update to Mac Monterey OS! I get no result. Normally a dialog box will pop up with format / file location options but it’s no longer happening. I am trying to save a .psd file as a .psd file.”

How To Fix Photoshop Doesn’t Save Files Issue

Adobe has acknowledged this bug and is working for a fix with Apple. Until then, you can apply the following workarounds:

1. Disconnect External Monitor

All reports mention that this issue occurs when an second screen is connected to your Mac using an USB-C thunderbolt cable. Apparently, the Photoshop Save option returns as soon as you disconnect the external monitor!

Tip: Disconnect the external display or iPad (via Sidecar), save the files and reconnect to continue working. It’s not ideal but it get’s the job done.

(Updated, September 10)

2. ‘Resize’ Save As Window

Apparently this Adobe Photoshop issue can also be fixed using the following workaround:

  • With the “Save As” finder window open, drag the bottom of the window (as if resizing it).
  • The “Save” buttons will temporarily become clickable elements again.
  • Slowly resize the windows and hit the Save button on the touchbar. This will save the item as expected.
  • Credits: Thanks Nick for sharing this fix for Adobe Photoshop cannot save files problem.

3. Set Mac As Main Screen

A less complicated fix, requires you to change the Preferences and set your MacBook as main screen. Then, revert and make the external monitor as main screen.

This trick should bring back the Save, Save As and Export options. Does it work for you?

4. Reset Photoshop Preferences

Another way to troubleshoot this is by resetting the preferences in Photoshop -> Preferences -> General -> Reset Preferences on Quit.

Click OK to confirm your actions in the ‘Are you sure you want to reset preferences when quitting Photoshop?’ dialog box.

Tip: Backup Photoshop preferences before resetting them. You will be able to restore them later on if needed.
Use Finder to navigate to the Photoshop Preferences folder. It should be somewhere in:
"Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop [version] Settings"

Copy/paste the entire Adobe Photoshop [Version] Settings folder on your desktop or somewhere else to have a backup of your settings.

Fact: A similar issue has been reported for Adobe InDesign. If you get it too, apply the same workaround as the one described above for Photoshop.

Have you managed to fix Photoshop cannot save files on Mac? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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