Pong Low Radiation Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Are Now Available

iphone 6s pong low radiation case

iPhone 6S Pong Low Radiation Case.

Although we’ve already informed you that most iPhone 6 cases fit on the iPhone 6S, manufacturers have rolled out new protection covers labeled for the latest Apple flagships. They’re only 0.2 mm thicker and 0.1 mm longer, but they’re re-branded as iPhone 6S cases, mainly out of marketing purposes. Most old iPhone 6 cases we’ve tried on the 6S model fit nicely, but if you want your newest iOS device to be perfectly sealed, you can upgrade your case too!

Pong is one of the latest manufacturers to unveil its case for the iPhone 6S. This release is quite important because this cover is no ordinary one. Besides protecting your gadget from shocks it also shields yourself from the iPhone’s radio-frequency bombardment. As you should already know, every smartphone generates radiation that your head or body is exposed too. The SAR values are higher during calls. Yes, all gadgets are tested and have to meet the FCC standards, but why risk your health when you can easily prevent unnecessary exposure?

Do iPhone Owners Need Low Radiation Cases?
iphone radio frequency exposure As mentioned above, iOS devices are tested and they all comply with the FCC limitations. However, we’ve informed you that iPhones have always tended towards the higher margin of the allowed RF radiation levels! In my opinion, it’s always better to prevent than cure. So, if you’re the type of user that likes to protect its iPhone, why not opt for one that also lowers RF exposure? In terms of costs there is no significant difference, compared to the genuine Apple leather cases. If you prefer to wear your iOS device naked, at least apply these simple tricks to lower iPhone radiation exposure!

How Does The Pong Case Work?
iphone radiation spreadout comparison This case doesn’t claim to vanish iPhone radiation. It’s purpose is to redirect it away from your body. Which means that most of the RF energy bombarding your head, while talking, is reflected towards the back of the phone, with the help of a very thin gold-plated antenna, that is embedded within the entire surface of the case. Check the animation provided nearby to see the difference between the radiation spectrum of an iPhone equipped with a Pong case and one without.
Fact: If you want to start protecting yourself and your family from cell phone radiation you can purchase a Pong case right away. All iPhone models are covered!

Pong Case For iPhone 6S Features
Here is why you should equip your smartphone with a shield against RF radiation:
1. Guarantees protection for drops from a height of four inches. However, we’ve experienced some from much higher elevations and the case was still efficient.
2. Has a built-in antenna that pairs with the one of your iPhone and increases signal strength in order to decrease radiation. The lower your device’s connection with a cellular provider the more energy it has to use and the stronger the radio-frequency intensity is generated to ensure connectivity.
3. Rf Exposure is lowered with up to 89% below the FCC limitation (according to the manufacturer). The Pong Case was tested by the same labs that certify smartphones for FCC (in U.S.), CE (Europe), CA (Canada) and ACA (Australian) governing bodies.

Fact: If you don’t like it you have 60 days to return it and get your money back!

Tip: If you already own an iPhone 6 Pong case and have upgraded for the latest Apple flagship, don’t order a new cover. The old one will nicely fit on the 6S!

Did You Know that you can also buy a RF radiation lowering case for your iPad too?