Prime Music Stops Playing On Apple Watch In watchOS 9?

amazon music stops playing watchos 9

Amazon Music stops playing watchOS 9

Are you experiencing Amazon Music issues on Apple Watch in watchOS 9? Prime Music stops playing at the second song of a playlist? This is a common issue which is still occurring in watchOS 9.0.2.

Prime Music Stops Playing

This problem has been reported by Scott:

“watchOS 9.0.2 did not fix streaming issues when using Prime Music. Still plays 1 song and when 2nd song of playlist starts, it stops just as it id after 9.0.0.”

and confirmed by jeremy:

“Same issue. This is really annoying…”

Apple has fixed Spotify streaming issue with the release of watchOS 9.0.2 but has failed to address this Amazon Music issue.

Are you experiencing it too? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments along with any other helpful info. We’ve reported the problem and have attached this article to report.

How To Fix Amazon Music Streaming Issues

An Apple Watch reboot won’t help and there’s not much that you can do about it, at the time of writing.

watchOS 9.1 will be release Monday, October 24. Let’s hope that it will address this issue.

If you managed to find a fix don’t or encounter other watchOS 9 problems don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments.

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