Rare iOS 10 Lock Screen Bug Makes Status Bar Disappear

iphone 7 missing status bar on lock screen

iPhone 7 missing status bar on Lock Screen.

In rare cases, iPhones running iOS 10.3 experience a small Lock Screen glitch that prevents the status bar from displaying when the screen is Passcode protected. Neither the Battery percentage indicator, Wi-Fi connectivity icon, Bluetooth symbol or the carrier service bar are displayed, leaving the top area completely blank. Did you ever notice this on your device?

My iPhone 7 played this bug a few days ago. The status bar instantly reappeared after I pressed Home to unlock and my fingerprint provided Home screen access. I did not pay much attention to this bug, but it flashed back with me today as I’ve seen another similar report on the Reddit social news aggregation platform. An user reported an identical Lock Screen error on his iPhone 7 unit.

iphone 7 status bar bug on lock screen Did you ever experience something similar? Is this only occurring on iPhone 7 models? What are your thoughts about it? Would you be interested if Apple turns this glitch into a feature and allows you to hide the top status bar when the iPhone’s screen is locked? Use the comment section available below to share your opinion. If enough users are interested in this we can start a discussion on Apple’s official Support Communities and ask for this option to be included in iOS 11 or future updates.

Fact: A hidden status bar could contribute to additional battery saving as less info has to be displayed on the Lock Screen template.