Remote Control Your TV With Apple Watch

apple watch as apple TV remote control

Using Apple Watch as Apple TV remote control!

Time to learn how to tweak your TV settings, stop or resume playback and much more with the help of your newest wrist gadget. For the moment, your watch OS device is only able to pair with an Apple TV via the native Remote app. However, future updates as well as third party software, could allow your Watch to act as a remote control for other smart TVs available on the market.

The main condition for this feature to work is that both your Apple Watch as wells as TV have to be connected to the same WiFi network. To connect your smartwatch to your local hotspot, you have to connect its iOS companion to that network first. It works even it the WiFi hub uses a password for security. The Watch automatically connects to the WiFi hotspot unlocked by the paired iPhone.

How To Pair Apple Watch With TV
apple watch remote app icon 1. Make sure that Watch and iPhone are paired and connected.
2. Check if the iOS device is connected to the Wi-Fi network that the Apple TV is hooked-up too. If not, connect your iPhone to the same hotspot.
3. Flick your wrist, tap the Digital Crown until you reach the app bundle and tap on the Remote icon.
4. Tap the Add Device icon available in the middle of the screen.
5. Turn to your Apple TV and navigate to Settings -> General > Remotes. Select your Apple Watch’s name and enter the passcode provided at Step 4.

apple watch pair device via remote app
apple tv pairing password
apple tv paired with apple watch

How To Remote Control Apple TV
remote controlling apple tv via apple watch Before you start to use your watch OS gadget as a TV remote, check that the Apple set is awake. Next, use the Remote app from your wrist and select Apple TV:
Swipe towards all directions to move the TV set’s menu options. Tap your Watch whenever you wish to select a feature.
tap the Menu icon, available in the bottom-left corner to return to the previous screen. If you touch & hold it, you will return to the top menu view.
Use the Play or Pause buttons to pause or resume playback.
Tap the top-left corner button if you wish to switch and control another Apple device.

Unpair Apple Watch From TV
If you need to unhook the wrist gadget from the TV, first turn your attention towards the media set. Browse the same path used for pairing Settings -> General > Remotes. Select the smartwatch from the iOS Remotes section and remove it. Next, flick your wrist and access the Remote app on your wearable. A lost connection status will appear. Tap Remove and that’s it!