Revolut Happy Halloween Greeting On Password Screen

Revolut Happy Halloween greeting on Passcode Screen

Revolut Happy Halloween greeting on Passcode Screen

Revolut prompts its users with the ‘Happy Halloween, [user name]’ greeting on the Passcode screen. Every time you unlock the Revolut app for iOS and Android during this weekend you will be prompted with this salute!

If you’re using Face ID for authentication there’s nothing you have to do, because authentication works seamless and the greeting auto disappears from the screen when the Revolut dashboard is loaded. Else you have to input your Password or provide your fingerprint to log-in.

Revolut Happy Halloween Greeting Not Showing Up?

The salutation is accompanied by an icon. You can see either an orange Halloween carved pumpkin, or a violet vampire face. The two logos rotate randomly each time you get the Revolut authentication screen.
Revolut happy halloween greeting during authentication
If you’re not getting this Halloween notification on your iPhone, make sure that your device is running the latest Revolut version for iOS. Version 7.23.2 (direct link) has been released, yesterday, and this could be the reason for the missing Halloween greeting!

Important: Having problems authenticating in to Revolut. If you’re wearing a face mask and the app can’t recognize your face, you’re prompted to provide your Revolut passcode. Are you typing the correct one but it’s not working? Here is how to reset your Revolut passcode.

Holiday Greetings On iPhone Lock Screen

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple pushes similar greetings for important Holidays on the iPhone or iPad Lock Screen?
Such salutations don’t have to display every time you unlock your iOS device, but at least once in the morning, would be a nice addition. Or even better, you can have the option to turn off the greeting for the rest of the day.
What do you think?

Do you know any other iOS app that pushes holiday greetings on the authentication screen? Don’t hesitate to share them with everyone using the comments section, available below.

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