RunKeeper – The Pocket Personal Trainer

iphone 5 showing runkeeper app

iPhone 5 showing the RunKeeper app.

One of the must-have iOS apps, nowadays, is RunKeeper . You can download it for free, on your iPhone, via the App Store. One of the best news is that it’s free of charge. Yep, you got it right, it’s one of the few free apps which involves a GPS tracking system. But let’s cut to the chase and get straight down to business and see what RunKeeper can do. It is the ideal piece of software for tracking fitness activities on your Apple device. With this app the developers, FitnessKeeper Inc., successfully manage to assign one more personality to your iPhone, the personal trainer! Take a peek at the following video if you wish to know more before installing the app.

What does RunKeeper do?
The basic function of RunKeeper is the one of tracking your sports workouts. It includes walking, running, cycling, hiking and much more. The app will let you know the distance and duration of your jog, along with the approximate amount of calories burned and the pace of your activity.

It’s using the GPS tracking system in order to map your exact training route. A stopwatch is used to measure your activity time and with the use of some maths it concludes your pace, calories burned and the other available stats. I have to underline that you are asked to provide your weight after installing RunKeeper, thus making stats even more realistic.

RunKeeper Callouts
One great feature of this fitness app is the Callouts function. Even if you run with headphones or not you are alerted every 5 minutes with your live running performance and other stats depending on your settings. What’s great is that you can even listen to music, while you jog, as RunKeeper will automatically bring it to the background, while callouts are broadcasted.

History and Goals
Worth mentioning is also the great feature of setting goals. RunKeeper will assist you in reaching your goals, by improving your performance step by step. You can track your progress by checking the history of your training activities. More, you are always prompted when you hit personal bests and accomplish milestones and this is a great morale booster that drives you to perform better and better.

Get Viral
In terms of morale booster we can also list RunKeeper’s social bookmarking feature. You can set this app to publish your latest fitness performance on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all other social media sites. I imagine that everyone would like to impress friends so, you will only get motivated to run or bike that extra mile more in order for your post the be impressive.
And if this isn’t enough and you want to be a complete show-off you can use RunKeeper live broadcast your races and let all other follow you around!

I assume that we can all agree that this FitnessKeeper Inc. app for iOS has a lot of features for a free one. If you need more info and watch to check it hands-on, please watch the embedded video.

Do you plan to test RunKeeper? What’s your experience with it? Feel free to share your thoughts!