Safari ‘Paste And Go’ iOS 9 Feature

safari paste and go feature

iOS 9 Safari Paste and Go feature.

Another nice little shortcut, embedded within iOS 9, has come to my attention, while toying with my iPhone this morning. Apple calls it Paste and Go and its a new Safari option that allows you to directly open a copied URL, within a new tab of the native iOS browser. Practically, you spare a tap, because instead of hitting the address bar and then pressing and holding it, to unveil the classic Paste command, you can directly tap & hold Safari’s web bar, to uncover the Paste and Go feature!

The great thing is that the shortcut works on any iPhone model running iOS 9. You don’t need 3D Touch capabilities to trigger this new feature. It’s also true that on an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus you don’t need to Copy/Paste an URL because you can Peek and Pop in the desired web-page. However, this trick is a great addition to the knowledge base of any iOS power user. Check out the Live Photo embedded nearby to see exactly how Paste and Go works!

How To Copy An URL
selecting and copying text on iphone The only thing left to mention is how to grab the web address. If you’re browsing Mail, Messages, Safari or any other text editing app you have to tap & hold on the desired text. Use the selection delimiters and drag them to select the entire url. Tap on Copy! Scroll down to unveil Safari’s footer menu and tap on the Tab viewer, available in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now, hit the “+” button to open a new tab and press & hold the address bar to unveil the Paste and Go option! Select it and the new web-page will be instantly loaded!

Did You Know That in iOS 9 Safari you can open up to 36 tabs simultaneously! After you reach the three dozen mark, the New Tab button becomes unavailable and you’re forced to delete older windows to be able to open new ones!

Tip: On the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models you can 3D Touch the Safari tabs list to preview a certain window. You can Peek whenever you’re unsure whether to maintain the tab lingering in the background or you can close it, because you don’t need it any longer!