Set and Track Apple Watch Timer

apple watch ongoing timer

Ongoing Timer on Apple Watch.

With your Apple Watch and its built-in Timer app, tracking a predefined number of minutes and/or hours has never been easier. What’s even better is that this is a standalone Watch OS piece of software, which means that you don’t need the iPhone in range, in order to use all Timer features. So, if you’re the type of persons that uses countdown timers frequently, you’ll really enjoy this feature on your wrist gadget.

Using The Apple Watch Timer is simple and straightforward. You only need to open the Timer app, choose the desired amount of hours and/or minutes that you want your device to countdown from and tap Start. When time elapses a haptic and audio alert will let you know that waiting or task completion should be over. If you finish earlier, tap Cancel to abort and prevent the alerts from ringing.

How To Set Timer on Apple Watch
setting up timer on apple watch 1. Press the Digital Crown until you reach the app bundle view on the wearable’s home screen.
2. Tap the orange Timer icon which shows a Watch that hasn’t reached 12 o’clock yet.
3. Tap the Hours (HR) and/or Minutes (MIN) screen and turn the Digital Crown to set the desired value
4. Press Start and countdown begins.
Tip: If you need a timer longer than 11 hours and 59 minutes, press firmly on the screen and choose 24h. Now you can set up your Watch to countdown from the maximum value of 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Siri and Apple Watch Countdowns
using Siri to create and start a countdown The fastest way to start a timer is by asking your virtual assistant to do it for you. However, in this case you do need the iPhone in range and connected to the Internet. Siri won’t be able to serve you otherwise.
Raise your wrist and shout “Hey Siri” to wake your assistant. Follow with a syntax like: “Set a timer for [x] minutes!”
Be aware that timer will start instantly after Siri receives your command!
Fact: You can’t run multiple countdowns in the same time. If a timer is already running and you ask Siri to set up a new one, the previous setting is overridden and the new countdown starts.

How To Add Watch Face Timer Complication
watch face timer complication In case you are the type of person that uses countdowns a lot, you can add a Timer shortcut to your Watch Face. This way you can easily open the app via a single tap and also track the progress of your countdown, when a timer is running.
Watch OS currently supports Timer complications on 6 of its 10 available Watch Faces. These are: Simple, Utility, Modular, Mickey Mouse, Color and Chronograph. Press firmly on the screen, while on Watch Face view and swipe left or right to select one of the six backgrounds. Now, hit Customize and browse to the Complications Slide. Tap the module that you wish to tweak and turn the Digital Crown until you reach Timer. Press the Crown to confirm and save selection!
Fact: Countdown info modules can be also accomodated in the expanded views available on the Utility, Mickey Mouse and Modular backgrounds.

simple face with timer info module
color watch face with timer complication
modular face with large timer complication

Popular Reasons To Use a Timer on Apple Watch
apple watch timer done alert Depending on what your daily routine is you can use countdowns for numerous reasons like:
– time exercise sets while working out;
– keeping track of time while playing various games;
– track a boiling egg or anything else while cooking;
– time your lunch break;
– doze off for a short nap.
Tip: If something unexpected happens during your countdown and you have to refrain from your activity, you can open the app and tap Pause. Hit Resume when you’re ready to continue.