Set Apple Watch To Display Time Ahead Feature

set clock face display time ahead feature

Set Apple Watch Face to Display Time Ahead Feature.

Today I learned about a great Apple Watch feature and couldn’t abstain myself from sharing it with you guys, asap. If you’re the kind of person that has problems with punctuality, Apple’s smartwatch comes with a great trick that allows you to always be ahead of time!

Yes, you can set up reminders and all sorts of alarms to make sure that you don’t miss and important event, but you simply can’t have your iPhone ringing all the time, when time comes to start dressing, call the cab or any kind of everyday task that leads to delays, if not done on time.
I admit having this issue for a long time, until a few years ago, when I decided to set my iPhone’s clock 10 minutes ahead to trick myself that I’m running late. This makes me hurry up and arrive in time for all my appointments.

iphone lock screen message notification However, theres a downside of setting clock ahead, because all incoming notifications are registered according to the 10 minute gap, deliberately adjusted by you.
That’s why you can end up tricked in believing that a message was received 11 minutes ago, when it actually came less than 60 seconds earlier and you weren’t near the phone to hear it.
This leads to missed appointments and other unwanted trouble caused by faulty communication.

Apple Watch Face Can Display Time Ahead
apple watch time ahead setting Happily, this problem is sorted out very easy if you’re a proud Apple Watch owner. The gadget comes with a feature that allows you to set the time ahead only on the Watch Face display, to trick yourself that it’s time to move on. Watch OS reamains with the correct timekeeping and all alarms, reminders and other entry times are displayed according to the real time.
You are able to fake the time displayed on the Watch face with the amount of minutes set by you. The maximum addition is 59 minutes, but common sense makes me thing that everything over 15 minutes can be considered exaggerated. Check the nearby image and have a glimpse of how this Apple Watch timekeeping feature looks like!

setting apple watch to show time in advance with 10 minutesHow To Display Time Ahead on Apple Watch
– Raise your hand to wake your wrist wearable;
– Press the Digital Crown to open the home screen app bundle;
– Open the Settings app;
– Tap on the Time menu branch;
– Tap the +0 min section of your screen;
– Turn the Digital Crown and select the amount of minutes;
– Press Set and you’re all done!