Spotlight Search Slow iOS 16 Issue? Keyboard Not Loading?

spotlight search issues ios 16

Spotlight search issues ios 16

Is the Spotlight search slow on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Keyboard won’t show up, search field drops until the bottom of the screen? Search suggestions and results are lagging up to a couple of seconds? You’re not the only one experiencing it!

Spotlight Search Slow iOS 16 Issue

This problem has been reported by Vali:

“Experiencing spotlight search lag and occasional glitches like keyboard not loading after ios 16.0.3 update. Had no problems with 16.0.2 and 16.0.”

We’ve managed to replicate it on our own devices. It happens occasionally. However, we could notice that when it happens, it’s also linked with an increased battery drainage, as if the device is using up lots of resources in the background.

We’ve found similar reports about this iOS 16 Spotlight issue on Reddit:

  • 1:

    “Since the update, when I search for an app using Spotlight it no longer gives immediate results with a partial app name. I have to type the full app name with correct spelling and press search button. After approximately 5 seconds the app will come up”

  • 2:

    “When I type e.g. “Safari” I can literally count 5 seconds before the app appears in the search results. On iOS 15.x and all previous releases this was near-instant.”

  • 3:

    “Has anyone noticed Spotlight Search is slower in iOS 16? (iOS 16.0.3, no beta)”

How To Fix Spotlight Search Lag

Based on user feedback and our own tests these are the most common troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart iPhone

First, you should reboot your device and check if a fresh start will clear out the glitches that prevent Spotlight search from working properly.

Tip: We recommend you to use the force restart trick: Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Side Button press & hold until the Apple logo is shown on the screen. More details here.

2. Reset All Settings

spotlight search ios 16 fix
This is a more extreme fix, however multiple users have confirmed that it solved their iOS 16 Spotlight search problem:
Open Settings and browse for General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Important: If you apply this fix you will have to manually redo a couple of settings. Some of them are listed below:

  • 1. Reconnect to Wi-Fi (make sure that you know your WiFi password before resetting).
  • 2. Reconfigure Face ID & Passcode.
  • 3. Add your controls and toggles back to the Control Center.
  • 4. Check the display settings: Auto-Lock, Dark/Light theme, Night-Shift mode.
  • 5. Re-Add Widgets (Home and Lock Screen).
  • 6. Re-Add Cars in Wallet.
  • 7. Reconfigure Alarms.

3. Update To iOS 16.1

Apparently, Apple will fix slow Spotlight in iOS 16.1, which is currently beta tested. It should be released by the end of October.

You can wait until then or test it out by installing the current public beta version!

Have you managed to fix iOS 16 Spotlight search not working or loading too slow? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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