Swipe Left Or Right To Change The Apple Watch Face In watchOS 3

swipe left or right to switch watch face

Swipe Left or Right to switch Watch Face.

Starting with watchOS 3 there is a new and quicker way of switching the Watch Face that’s showing up on your Apple smartwatch. Now you can swipe left or right from the Watch Face view to instantly switch between various Watch themes. Until now, users had to Force Touch on the Watch Face to enter the wallpaper edit menu. This settings page allows to both tweak and select a Face for your wearable.

Swiping left or right on the Watch Face view wasn’t available in the earlier watchOS versions. The gesture wouldn’t have returned any reaction from the Apple Watch. However, this new addition is highly welcomed because you can elegantly change the look of your smartwatch. For example, you can use the Analog or Digital Activity Watch Face to track your have your fitness progress at a glance, but easily switch for Minnie Mouse and let her speak out time, whenever your kids come around and want to have some fun.

The watchOS 3 Change Watch Face Shortcut
1. Raise your wrist and wake your Apple Watch. If the wearable is locked, type the Passcode to unlock it.
2. Swipe left or right to change the Watch Face displayed by your smartwatch. Once you reach the one you’re looking for stop swiping and you’re done.
Fact: The difference between changing your Watch Face with the help of this shortcut, compared to the traditional Force Touch mode is that you can’t tweak the background theme. More, you can only choose from preexisting Faces. If you want to add a new type you still have to Force Touch the display and enter the Face editing mode.

How To Edit The Watch Face List
apple watch app edit watch face optionTo become even more efficient you can tweak the array of the Watch Faces listed on your Apple Watch. This allows you to have frequently used backgrounds only one swipe away. If you have wallpapers that you don’t plan to use, they can be deleted from the Apple Watch app available on your iPhone. Open the app and hit the My Watch tab. At the top, you can notice the My Faces area. Tap Edit and tweak the order of the Faces. You can also delete those backgrounds that you don’t like anymore. Hit Done when ready.
Tip: To edit a Watch Face’s settings, tap it’s thumbnail and you enter the edit mode directly from your iPhone.

7 Watch Face Gesture Actions
apple watch control center buttons 1. Swipe-down: from your watchOS 3 home screen to unveil the Notification Center and read missed notifications.
2. Swipe-Up: from the Watch Face to open the AW Control Center. Get one tap access for Power Reserve, Airplane Mode, Battery Percentage, Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode, Ping iPhone, Lock Device, AirPlay and Eject Water (only for Apple Watch Series 2).
3. Swipe Left/Right: to browse the available Watch Faces and change your wearable’s background.
4. Force Touch: the screen to enter the Watch Face customization mode. Change, tweak, add complications,
5. Side Button: press opens up the Apple Watch Dock which displays a list with the most frequent used apps. Press & hold opens the shutd down and Emergency SOS screen.
6. Digital Crown press brings up the app bundle, while turning enables the Time Travel feature.
7. Tap: available Complications to access apps to get more info and not only a glance.