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apple watch accessibility shortcut

The Apple Watch Accessibility Shortcut

Apple’s, already popular, wrist gadget has also borrowed the Accessibility features from its iOS companion. As an iPhone user you should already know that you can enable special options like VoiceOver, Zoom, Grayscale, Invert Colors and Speech on your smartphone. The first three, from the above enumeration, are also available on the Watch. They can…

iphone switch control adaptive accessory

How To Use Switch Control To Operate Your iPhone

iOS has another hidden feature which aims to help those users that suffer from any sort of physical limitation, when it comes to handling an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Yes, it’s an Accesibility feature that can incorporate external accessories, such as joysticks and facilitates predefined commands such as head turns and full screen taps….

ios grayscale on and off setting

Is iOS Grayscale The Newest iPhone Battery Saving Trick?

Grayscale is another new feature available on your iPhone after the iOS 8 update. It’s role is to alter the display color of your smartphone, giving it a black-and-white look. Yes, that’s having an iPhone screen displaying colors exactly as 1950s US TV programs. Now, unless you’re a retro addict, you might wonder who would…