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This accessory is not supported by this device

This Accessory Is Not Supported By This Device Error (Fix!)

Are you getting ‘This Accessory Is Not Supported By This Device’ error on iPhone or iPad? It’s usually triggered when you’re connecting an accessory, like a charger, that’s not compatible with your device. Charging might still work in some cases. But is it safe to use?…

Cyber Week deals on Amazon

Best Cyber Week Sales Still Going On Amazon (2021)

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 have passed. But some significant Cyber Week sales are still going on Amazon. Check out the best deals that we could find for Apple products and related accessories!…

how to fit AirPods Pro in ear

AirPods Pro Not Fitting Well? Not Staying In Ear? (Fixed!)

Are the AirPod Pro not fitting well in your ears? Are they dropping out, or they don’t feel comfortable to wear? This is quite a common problem because human ears are very different in shape and size!…

Black Friday Deals 2021

2021 Black Friday Sales For Apple Products & Accessories

November is the proper time of the year to upgrade and enrich your gadget collection! Let’s start with the 2021 Pre Black Friday sales for your favorite Apple products including iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Apple Watches, Macs and more….

AirTag keychain from Nomad

How To Attach Apple AirTag To Keys, Bags And Other Objects

An AirTag allows you to track almost everything that can either host it or allow it to get attached. While you can place an AirTag inside of a bag or any other larger object, you do need a third-party keychain compatible accessory to be able to track your keys or other small objects….