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Black Friday Deals 2021

2021 Black Friday Sales For Apple Products & Accessories

November is the proper time of the year to upgrade and enrich your gadget collection! Let’s start with the 2021 Pre Black Friday sales for your favorite Apple products including iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Apple Watches, Macs and more….

AirTag keychain from Nomad

How To Attach Apple AirTag To Keys, Bags And Other Objects

An AirTag allows you to track almost everything that can either host it or allow it to get attached. While you can place an AirTag inside of a bag or any other larger object, you do need a third-party keychain compatible accessory to be able to track your keys or other small objects….

Premium Apple Watch Sports Strap from Nomad

New Waterproof Apple Watch Sport Strap Released By Nomad

Nomad has just released its new Sport Strap for the Apple Watch! This premium sports band is 100% waterproof and has been in the works for the better part of a year now. The waiting is over and it was all worth it because the final product ended up truly spectacular! Nomad’s AW sports band…

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth connectivity problems.

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Unfortunately the iPhone XS Max antenna connectivity problems aren’t only cellular data related. Although, for an equally small amount of users, the Bluetooth connectivity seems to be also plagued by issues. Several readers have reported that they encounter problems when trying to connect their iPhone XS Max to a third party Bluetooth accessory like speakers…

anker black friday 2017 deals

18 Anker Black Friday Deals For Smart Device Accessories (Save up to $140)

Anker is one of the top rated smartphone accessory providers on Amazon. They cover a wide range of products starting with cases, charging cables, battery packs Bluetooth speakers and more. Below you can find a list of iPhone and iPad accessories that are currently on sale or will be discounted on Friday, November 24, during…