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Move ring not working

How To Fix Move Ring Not Working On Apple Watch

Is the Move ring not working on Apple Watch? You’re moving but the green ring isn’t closing at all? Other Activity Rings update normally, it’s just the green one that’s not moving? Here is what you can do about it!…

Fitness without Apple Watch in iOS 16

Apple Fitness App Works Without Apple Watch In iOS 16

In iOS 16, users can finally get the Apple Fitness app without Apple Watch. iPhone motion sensors are used to track activity and your smartphone can count your steps, estimate distance covered and also integrate data from third-party workouts….

Activity Rings not working on Apple Watch

Activity Rings Not Working, Not Updating On Apple Watch

Activity rings not working on Apple Watch? They display outdated info, like the progress recorded on the previous day? This can be common especially if you’ve recently updated to watchOS 8.6!…

Activity Rings disappeared in watchOS 8

Apple Watch Activity Rings Disappeared From Watch Face (watchOS 8)

Have the Apple Watch Activity Rings disappeared from your Watch Face? Is this happening daily, or several times a day since you updated to watchOS 8? The good news is that activity tracking continues normally, in the background, and the Rings are available in the Fitness app!…