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AirPods cutting out on iPhone

AirPods Pro Cutting Out On iPhone After Firmware Update

Are your AirPods Pro cutting out on iPhone during music playback? Is the audio working intermittently with both Apple Music and Spotify streaming services? Does this happen after the latest firmware update?…

AirPlay to Mac

How To Fix AirPlay To Mac Not Working in macOS Monterey

Is AirPlay to Mac not working? This is a new highly awaited macOS Monterey feature which allows you to natively stream content from iPhone or iPad to Mac. However, a series of users are reporting that they aren’t able to mirror the iPhone screen as advertised….

Apple Fitness+ On MacBook Air

How To Get Apple Fitness+ On Mac In macOS Monterey

In macOS Monterey you can finally get Apple Fitness+ on Mac! This is a much awaited option, because it allows Fitness+ subscribers, that don’t own an Apple TV, to watch the premium workouts on a larger screen and thus get a better experience while training!…

AirPlay crashing iPhone Control Center in iOS 14

How To Fix AirPlay Crashing iPhone To Home Screen In iOS 14.3

Is AirPlay crashing your iPhone ever since you updated to iOS 14.3? Is the Control Center unexpectedly closing, whenever you tap on the AirPlay icon, from the Now Playing controls? This is a bug that we first encountered during our iOS 14.3 RC 2 tests. If Apple won’t fix it by Monday, it might also…

iOS 12.3 software update screen.

Whats’ New In iOS 12.3?

As expected, Apple has recently released iOS 12.3. The main headline is the revamped TV app which now allows users to subscribe and watch third-party media streaming services, like HBO, Showtime, Starz and more, directly from the app. The new feature is available in the Apple Channels section. On top of this, the new TV…