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AirPods Connected notification keeps showing up

AirPods Connected Notification Keeps Showing Up In iOS 16?

Getting AirPods Connected notification every time you close the Notification Center on iPhone? It happens although they never disconnected in the meantime? The popup shows up only when no audio is playing?…

Cannot Verify AirPods popup

Cannot Verify AirPods iOS 16 Bug? Earphones Genuine? (Fix!)

Are you getting the Cannot Verify AirPods popup after iOS 16 update? You’re informed that your headphones or earphones couldn’t be verified as genuine AirPods and might not behave as expected? Does the error show up even though your AirPods are original?…

airpods found moving with you notification

AirPods Found Moving With You Notification Erroneous? (Fix!)

Are you getting the AirPods Found Moving With You notification on Lock Screen, for your own wireless earphones? You’re informed that ‘The owner of this item can see its location’ and are asked to tap to open Find My and see available locations?…

Personalized Spatial Audio

Personalized Spatial Audio Setup, Test & How To Use (iOS 16)

Personalized Spatial Audio is a new audio feature available with compatible AirPods, in iOS 16. It allows you to listen to spatial audio content in a personalized way, because iPhone is able to map your ear geometry and thus provide an unique audio experience….

AirPods settings on iPhone

New AirPods Settings On iPhone In iOS 16 (How To)

AirPods Settings on iPhone and iPad are much easier to access in iOS 16. A distinct AirPods menu becomes available at the top of the Settings home screen. It provides quick customization for AirPods features and setup….