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HBO Max Streaming video to another display error

HBO Max Streaming Video To Another Display Error (Fixed!)

Are you getting the Streaming video to another display / device error when trying to watch HBO Max content on your iPhone or iPad? Does the issue occur when you connect your AirPods, to listen to audio or any other Bluetooth headphones?…

how to reset AirPods Pro

How To Reset AirPods Pro To Factory Settings (No iPhone?)

Do you want to reset AirPods Pro? This can be easily done as long as you have the charging case nearby. Ideally, you have to unpair the AirPods from iPhone and then perform the reset….

AirPods Temporarily Share Audio keeps popping up

AirPods Connect To iPhone Keeps Popping Up Every Time (Fix!)

Is AirPods Connect to iPhone popping up on your iOS device every time you get the wireless earbuds out from their case? Does this happen although your AirPods are already paired with all devices linked to your Apple ID?…

AirPods Pro 4A402 Update

AirPods 4A402 Firmware Update: Features, Bugs & More

Apple has released AirPods firmware 4A402, more than a month since version 4A400 was released to the public. This is a minor update that focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements….

AirPods cutting out on MacBook

How To Fix macOS Monterey Audio Cutting Out On AirPods

Are AirPods cutting out on Mac since the macOS Monterey update? Is the audio stuttering while air-playing music to Bluetooth headphones or speakers that are connected to MacBook running macOS 12.0.1? This sounds like a common bug!…