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alarm icon not showing on iPhone

Alarm Icon Not Showing On iPhone Status Bar In iOS 16?

Alarm icon not showing on iPhone? You’re a new iOS user and are expecting to see the alarm clock icon in the status bar as a confirmation that the time alert is set and active on your device?…

alarm widget broken ios 16.1

Alarms Not Showing On Lock Screen? Alarms Off iOS 16.1 Bug?

Alarm not showing on Lock Screen? Top Lock Screen widget displays ‘Alarms Off’ although an alarm is scheduled for the next morning? Small alarm widget shows ‘NO’ instead of the actual alarm time, after iOS 16.1 update?…

alarm not ringing on iPhone in iOS 15

How To Fix Alarm Not Ringing On iPhone In iOS 15

Is the alarm not ringing on your iPhone after updating to iOS 15 RC? Does the alarm get triggered when scheduled but it just vibrates instead of sounding out loud? This can be very annoying because you could miss important appointments and wakeup calls!…

how to set timer on mac

How To Set A Timer On Mac In macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur doesn’t have a stock Clock app and thus is missing many native functions like Alarm and Stopwatch, that are available in iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. However, you can easily set a timer on your Mac with the help of Siri and the Reminders app….

How to set Alarms in iOS 14

How To Set, Add And Use iPhone Alarms In iOS 14

A less popular change in iOS 14 is the Clock app redesign. The wheel picker used for setting time and configuring alarms isn’t the focal point of the interface anymore. The new version, although simplified, can be somewhat confusing. So, let’s take a look at how to add a new iPhone alarm in iOS 14…