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always on display not working 16.2

Always On Display Not Working iOS 16.2? Not Staying On? Fix?

Always On display not working on iPhone 14 Pro after iOS 16.2 update? Screen not staying on although AOD is enabled and all settings are properly configured? Display turns off completely after a short time?…

dynamic island stutter

Dynamic Island Stutters When Locking iPhone & AOD Is Enabled

Dynamic Island stuttering when locking iPhone with Side Button and the device transitions to Always On Display mode? Animation feels broken while the island is expanding? This is a new glitch reported for the iOS 16.1 RC release….

iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display

iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display Features, Turn Off & More

The iPhone 14 Pro Always On display allows you to glimpse at the new iOS 16 Lock Screen whenever you want, without touching the screen. It’s a highly welcomed feature, imported from the Apple Watch. Check out it tips, tricks and settings!…

Apple Watch time not updating in watchOS 8

Apple Watch Time Not Updating In Always On Mode (watchOS 8)

Is the Apple Watch time not updating when the Always On feature is enabled? Does the watch face show a wrong time, when your wrist is down for a longer time? This looks like a widespread watchOS 8 bug that occurs only with some watch faces, including California and Utility!…

apple watch flickering green

How To Fix Apple Watch Screen Flickering Green In Sunlight

Is your Apple Watch screen flickering green when you’re not using it? Does this happen when your watchOS device is exposed to direct and bright sunlight? Is the Watch flashing green fullscreen or in alternating areas of the display? This is a common Apple Watch issue that’s apparently caused by a design flaw of the…