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Add Stops in Apple Maps

How To Add Stop In Apple Maps: iOS 16 Multiple Stops Feature

Yes, you can finally add stops in Apple Maps! This means that you can use your iPhone to plan and navigate complex routes, without having to adjust a new destination after every stop. Multiple stops in Maps are available thanks to new functionality added by iOS 16 and iPadOS 16!…

Apple Maps ratings

Apple Maps Native Ratings: How To Rate And Review Places

Apple Maps native ratings are now available in the United States and other countries. Easily rate and review various locations like restaurants, hotels, shops and other business. Apple’s new built-in rating system for Maps is independent from third-party integrations like Yelp or TripAdvisor reviews….

Apple Maps Home address not showing

Apple Maps Home / Work Address Not Showing From Contact Card

Is Apple Maps not showing Home / Work address from your iOS Contact Card? This potential iOS 14.3 bug was reported by Stefan and we could replicate it to a certain extend. We did manage to import the Home and Work addresses from the Contact Card, but aren’t able to add the Home address back…

Apple Maps self-isolation notification for International Travelers

Apple Maps COVID-19 Self-Isolation Alerts For Travelers

Apple Maps is now prompting international travelers to self-isolate for 14 days in order to prevent them from potentially spreading out the novel Coronavirus in their communities. A pop up is displayed on your iPhone screen if the stock Maps app locates you in the proximity of an airport. It assumes that you traveled internationally…

Apple Maps Cycling Directions on iPhone

How To Get Apple Maps Cycling Directions On iPhone & Apple Watch

Apple Maps is finally able to provide cycling directions for iPhone and Apple Watch users. This feature is included in iOS 14, almost 10 years after Google made it available for Google Maps. On top of being late, the Cycling Directions option is limited to just a few select cities, at least in the early…