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apple news crashing ios 16

Apple News Crashing iOS 16? App Closing Down Unexpectedly?

Apple News crashing on iPhone after iOS 16 update? App keeps closing down unexpectedly after a couple minutes of usage? News crashes randomly when scrolling through a list of articles? This happens on iPad running iPadOS 16 too?…

apple news cannot connect

Apple News Cannot Connect To The Internet In iOS 16? (Fix?)

Apple News cannot connect to the Internet after iOS 16.1 update? App opens but stories won’t load, although iPhone is obviously connected to the web? Here is what you can do to fix this!…

Apple News+ Cyber Monday deal

Get Apple News+ Free For 3 Months (2021 Cyber Monday Deal!)

Do you know that you can get Apple News+ free for 3 months, instead of the usual 30 days of free trial? All this thanks to Apple’s 2021 Cyber Monday campaign!…

Apple News widget not loading

How To Fix Apple News Widget Not Loading Stories

Is the Apple News widget not loading stories on the Home Screen? Does the iPhone or iPad display the placeholder instead of the actual news? This is a common issue that can be caused by a restrictive setting or by minor iOS glitches!…

Apple One Services Bundles

How To Subscribe To Apple One Services Bundle (Save $25)

Apple One becomes available today, Friday, October 30, in more than 100 countries and regions! Apple’s new service bundle system allows users to opt for a single subscription and get access to up to six services provided by the Cupertino-based tech company….