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Card Not Added error

Card Not Added Apple Pay Error In iOS 16 (Fix?)

Are you getting the Card Not Added error when trying to add a credit card to Apple Pay on iPhone? You’re asked to contact card issuer for more information? This appears to be a common problem during the iOS 16 beta testing stages….

Amex card removed from Apple Pay

Amex Card Removed From Apple Pay After iOS 16 Update (Fix)

American Express card removed from Apple Pay? Have your Amex cards been unexpectedly removed from Wallet after iOS 16 update? Issue has been confirmed by the credit card service company via email? Other credit/debit cards might be affected too….

card not working on Apple Watch

Credit Card Not Working On Apple Watch (Fixed!)

Is your credit card not working on Apple Watch? You’re trying to add it to the Wallet app on the watchOS device but get the ‘You must be signed into iCloud’ error? This happens because, most likely, you’re not signed with your Apple ID on the watch….

Apple Pay 30% promotion for Ray-Ban glasses

How To Get 30% Cheaper Ray-Ban Glasses With Apple Pay

Apple Pay attempts to enlarge its user base by providing discounts to famous brands on a regular basis. This week the 30% discount deal for original Ray-Ban sunglasses has caught our eyes. If you use Apple’s mobile payment system to pay for a new pair of glasses you can save at least $30. That’s simply…

Apple Pay ongoing issue reported in System Status support page

Apple Pay Issue That Was Preventing Users From Performing Apple Card Bill Payments Is Now Fixed

If you’ve tried to pay your Apple Card bill in the past 24 hours and failed to succeed, there is no need to panic. Apple Pay experienced a service outage that affected a certain part of the users. During the ongoing issue Apple Card users where not able to pay their bill, lock or unlock…