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apple watch 5 freezing watchos 9

Apple Watch 5 Freezing, Unresponsive In watchOS 9? Fix!

Apple Watch 5 freezing after watchOS 9 update? Touch screen unresponsive? Current time on watch face stops updating? Swipes and touches aren’t recognized by the display anymore? This is a day-one Series 5 issue!…

Apple Watch touch screen not working

Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working In watchOS 9 (Fix !?)

Is your Apple Watch touch screen not working after watchOS 9 update? This issue has been reported by a series of Series 5 owners that are running watchOS 9 Public Beta. Restarting the watch doesn’t seem to help. Here is what else you can do….

watch0S 8 compatible devices

watchOS 8 Compatible Devices And Other Requirements

Is my Apple Watch watchOS 8 compatible? I have some great news, if your wrist-worn gadget is able to run watchOS 7, it’s also supported by the 8th watchOS generation! Similar to iOS 15 and iPhones, watchOS 8 is compatible with all Apple Watch models that are running its previous version….

apple watch flickering green

How To Fix Apple Watch Screen Flickering Green In Sunlight

Is your Apple Watch screen flickering green when you’re not using it? Does this happen when your watchOS device is exposed to direct and bright sunlight? Is the Watch flashing green fullscreen or in alternating areas of the display? This is a common Apple Watch issue that’s apparently caused by a design flaw of the…

The Apple Watch Always On Feature

How To Use The Apple Watch Always On Display Feature

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple has added a new welcomed feature to your favorite wrist-worn device. It’s called Always On and as the name suggest it allows the smartwatch to display time and other complications even when your wrist is down and the Apple Watch idle. Unfortunately, this new option is quite selective. It’s only…