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Apple Watch stops charging issue

How To Fix Apple Watch 6 Stops Charging After A Few Minutes

Is your brand new Apple Watch Series 6 not charging properly? Does it stop charging after a few minutes or is it charging very slowly? This isn’t normal, but you’re not the only one affected. We’re experiencing this problem on our own devices running watchOS 7.1 and have been also mailed by a series of…

apple watch with bumps under screen

Apple Watch Series 6: Bumps Under The Screen (Should You Replace?)

Has your brand new Apple Watch Series 6 shipped with some tiny bumps under the screen? This seems to be a minor manufacturing flaw that has been reported by other Apple Watch owners too. The lumps are so small that they’re only visible from certain viewing angles, when the display is off….

how to use Apple Watch Schooltime

How To Use Apple Watch Schooltime Mode in watchOS 7

watchOS 7 brings a new Apple Watch mode called Schooltime. When enabled, it limits distractions on your Apple Watch allowing the user to focus on the important things during school hours. Schooltime has been designed for both parents and children in mind. You can gift an Apple Watch to your kids and make sure that…

how to fix missing power reserve notification

How To Fix Power Reserve Notification Missing On Apple Watch

Is the Power Reserve notification missing from your Apple Watch since you updated to watchOS 7? You’re not the only one. We experienced the same issue on a brand new Apple Watch Series 6 but have managed to fix it….

Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Tips

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen Tips & Tricks (watchOS 7)

One of the most important new feature coming in watchOS 7 is the Blood Oxygen monitoring. However, because of hardware limitations this is only available with the 2020 Apple Watch flagship. You can easily turn your Apple Watch Series 6 into a Blood Oxygen Monitor, by installing the new Blood Oxygen app and resting your…