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apple watch ultra 2 vs ultra 1

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1 vs Series 9 (10 Upgrades!)

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Ultra 1 and have 10 differences! Check out the upgrade and decide if it’s worth to update or not! You can also find a head-to-head comparison of the Ultras with the new Series 9 models!…

apple watch face shrinks watchos 9

Apple Watch Face Shrinks? watchOS 9 Mini Watch Face Bug?

Apple Watch Face shrinks after watchOS 9 update? Watch Face glitches out and is displayed in small size, in the middle of the screen? Problem occurs with new models like Series 8 and AW Ultra, as well as older device?…

apple watch ultra sand stuck

Apple Watch Ultra Sand Stuck Between Frame And Screen?

Have you managed to fit sand between the Apple Watch Ultra frame and its screen? You’re not sure how to get it out without scratching the device? Thankfully there are a couple of ways to do it without damaging your watch….

apple watch mirroring not working

Apple Watch Mirroring Not Working On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fix)

Is Apple Watch mirroring not working on iPhone in iOS 16? You want to control the screen of your watchOS device but this new feature isn’t showing up in Settings or is stuck Connecting? Here is why and what you can do about it!…

apple watch ultra scratches on metal frame

Apple Watch Ultra Scratches On Frame / Screen! (Case/Naked)

Did you get any Apple Watch Ultra scratches on the metal frame? A recent post on Reddit that showcases a day-one incident during a bouldering session has gone viral! The AW Ultra metal frame took a hit, but saved the screen!…