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iOS 12.5.6 update

iOS 12.5.6 Update Fixes Security Issue For Older iPhones

Apple has recently released iOS 12.5.6 update with a security vulnerability fix for older iPhone models. It’s the same issue that Apple patched in iOS 15.6.1. This update aims to keep older devices as secure as the current ones….

iPhone 12 no sound issue

iPhone 12 No Sound Issue? (Apple Service Program Extended!)

Apple has confirmed, last year, that iPhone 12 no sound issue might be caused by a faulty hardware component. A service program was started to fix this problem, free of charge, for all affected users that meet the requirements listed below….

itunes connect banking email

Got iTunes Connect Banking Email From Apple (Error or?)

Have you recently received an email from iTunes Connect that’s asking for banking information although you’re not even using the service? You’re informed that your banking info is invalid and needs to be updated? You’re most likely dealing with an Apple mishap as many other users….

Apple Watch 7 screen durability ad screenshot

Apple Watch 7 Screen Durability Ad Omits Scratch Issues

Apple is promoting the Apple Watch 7 screen durability with a recently released ad called ‘Hard Knocks’. In the 98-second-long video a number of scenarios are presented in which the Series 7 is exposed to various liquids and suffers shocks during physical impacts….

downgrade watchos 9 to 8

How To Downgrade watchOS 9 To 8 On Your Apple Watch

Do you want to downgrade watchOS 9 to 8? If you’ve installed the early versions of watchOS 9 Beta, that’s no surprise. They’re filled with bugs and lack in performance….