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How to clear iPhone 11 RAM memory

How To Clear iPhone 11 RAM Memory And Fix Minor Glitches

iPhones have become very powerful mini-computers, but like other gadgets, they aren’t bug free. In some cases it can happen that your iOS device acts overloaded. Apps might take longer to load and even crash. In such cases you can apply a simple trick called iPhone RAM memory reset. This troubleshooting tip isn’t new, but…

iphone x with home button

How To Bring Back The Home Button To The iPhone X

Believe it or not, iOS 11 packs a handy little trick that can bring the Home button back to the iPhone X! I’m not talking about the physical key, of course, however a digital Home button can be permanently displayed on the iPhone Ten’s OLED display. And it’s not there just for the sake of…

iphone assistive touch menu

iPhone Assistive Touch Review

Assistive Touch is a great and highly appreciated iOS feature that every iPhone user should know about. Although many of us aren’t going to use it too often, it’s important to be aware of it and know how it works! Assistive Touch is very handy when you are in trouble using your iPhone’s buttons and…