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"It" to "I.T" iOS 11 autocorrect bug.

How To Fix The iOS 11 ‘It’ To ‘I.T’ Autocorrect Bug

A few weeks ago, an annoying Keyboard bug flared up for numerous iOS 11 users. The glitch was affecting those iPhone and iPad users that were using Apple’s native Keyboard with the Auto-Correct feature enabled. Apparently, because of machine learning the letter “i” was automatically associated with an emoticon that wasn’t compatible with iOS 11…

The iOS 11.1 letter "i" autocorrect problem.

Fix For The iOS 11.1 Letter “i” Autocorrect Bug

Apple released iOS 11.1 earlier this week to patch a series of bugs affecting Reachability, multitasking via 3D Touch and many others. The new firmware also adds over 70 new Unicode 10 emojis. However, among an entire list of benefits it also squeezed a new glitch that affects typing on your iPhone and iPad. A…

iphone unwanted keyboard auto-correction

How To Disable Auto-Correction When Typing On iPhone And iPad

If you’re new to iOS or have recently started using your iPhone and iPad for typing in multiple languages, there is a high chance that you might be annoyed by the Auto-Correction feature, an option that is automatically enabled in your iPhone’s built-in keyboard. This automatically replaces words that you type, with the correct spelling…