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Playing Youtube song in the background on iPhone.

How To Play Youtube Videos In The Background While You Multitask On Your iPhone

Have you ever tried to play a music compilation from Youtube, on your iPhone, and press the Home button to open another application, only to find out that playback stops as soon as you leave the Youtube app? That’s annoying isn’t it? The same happens if you press the Sleep/Wake button to Lock your iOS…

apple watch dock feature

How To Use The Apple Watch Dock Feature

One of the most important changes brought by watchOS 3 is the Dock, which is a new app management system for those apps that you want to keep running in the background of your Apple Watch. It provides added functionality to the wearable’s Side button, allowing users to immediately access favorite and recently used apps….

new york skyline iphone wallpaper

Download 11 Stunning iOS Wallpapers Available On Apple Store Demo iPhones

You surly walked at least once in an Apple Store to check out the the latest iPhone models. Whenever I do this I’m impressed by the stunning backgrounds available on these demo units. Have you ever thought about grabbing them and displaying them on your own device? Thanks to one of our readers we can…

ios 9 public beta 3 static wallpapers

Download All iOS 9 Public Beta 3 Static Wallpapers

The most recent Public Beta version of Apple’s 9th mobile OS generation introduces a new range of static wallpapers, or Stills as the developers label them. Curiously, it also removes, the until now considered, default iOS 9 background, the colored wave snapshot. However, we do believe that it will be brought back, just in time,…

watch face color customization

How To Customize An Apple Watch Face

The Apple Watch comes with 10 built-in backgrounds which tell the time, while approaching different themes. More than that, each Face has extended customization possibilities, starting with the details displayed on the clock, colors highlighting the key areas and ending with the numerous information modules that can be tweaked to display data your wrist gadget’s…