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apple watch left wrist orientation setup

3 Reasons To Wear The Apple Watch On Your Left Hand

You can see watches worn both on the Left or Right wrists. However, we can all agree that the majority of people strap their timekeeping device on the Left hand. From my own experience and observance, those included in the right hand wearing minority, are either females or left handed individuals. From the utility point…

apple watch under running water

How To Clean The Apple Watch And Its Bands

The bands, bracelets and clasps attached to your Apple Watch, significantly contribute to the impressive visual aspect of your watch OS device. Although Apple has confirmed, once again, that its manufacturing only quality and long lasting products, you do have to know how to properly clean your smartwatch’s loops. This can only add to the…

apple watch case popularity

Space Gray Case & Black Sports Band The Most Popular Apple Watch Purchases

The first figures for Friday’s, April 10, Apple Watch pre-order sales are out and Slice Intelligence estimates that the Cupertino-base company has sold almost 1 Million smartwatch units, on the U.S. market, within the first 24 hours! With an average of around $500 spent per purchase, Apple easily managed to cash in half a billion…

apple watch delivery bag and box

15 Leaked Apple Watch Unboxing Photos!

Apple Watch pre-orders start within 24 hours and here we are, just in time, to show you the first images from the gadgetr’s original packaging, that includes all accessories needed for using Apple’s revolutionary wrist-held device. If you already have an idea about what cool features to expect from The Watch, you’ll also need to…

apple watches on display

How To Choose and Pre-Order Your Apple Watch

Apple’s latest wearable gadget will be for sure the hotshot of the year, on the smartwatch niche! If you wanna be amongst the first that own an Apple Watch, pre-order it starting, April 10 after 12:01 am PDT! This way you’ll obtain priority when the wrist-held Apple gadget becomes commercially available beginning with April 24….