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YouTube update with battery usage fix.

YouTube Releases Update To Fix The Annoying Battery Usage Issue

It’s finally here! After several weeks since iOS users all around the world complained that the YouTube app is dramatically draining their gadget’s battery, even when the software isn’t actively used, the world no. 1 video-sharing website has seeded a new software version available that promises to fix this issue. It all started when YouTube…

iphone x battery indicator issue

How To Fix The Disappearing Battery Indicator Glitch On iPhone X

This article is not about the missing remaining battery percentage from the iPhone X status bar. This value is intentionally hidden by iOS 11, because of the lack of space caused by the notch! I’m covering now a strange behavior that started surfacing today for a series of iPhone ‘Ten’ owners. They experience a sudden…

your iphone battery may need to be serviced info message

The ‘Your iPhone Battery May Need To Be Serviced’ iOS Notice

Starting with iOS 10.2.1 Apple is allowing the iPhone to perform self diagnosis for various hardware parts. One of them is the battery. This hardware piece is the most prone part of your iOS device that can be affected by ageing. You might already know that all Lithium-Ion batteries have a limited number of charging…

iphone x fullscreen youtube playback

YouTube App Bug Causes Massive iPhone X And iPhone 8 Battery Draining

Is your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 getting hot out of the blue? It means that one or more apps are running heavily in the background and using lots of resources. One cause could be a bug of the YouTube app for iOS. Google has recently updated its popular video platform with version 12.43….

iPhone X displaying in Grayscale to save battery

7 iPhone X Battery Saving Tips To Maximize OLED Display Efficiency

The iPhone X ships with an impressive battery autonomy as Apple’s 2017 flagship hosts a 2716 milliamperes per hour power unit. In fact, the 10th anniversary iPhone packs two batteries that sum up the capacity mentioned above, which is slightly larger than the 2691 mAh available on the iPhone 8 Plus. However, the iPhone X…