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Tag: Battery

spotify iphone battery usage stats

Turn Off Spotify Background App Refresh Feature To Significantly Save iPhone Battery

Prolonging the iPhone’s battery uptime is still a goal for most of us. With the huge amount of hours spent on the smartphone nowadays, battery lasting time is still a top priority. The easiest way to increase the iPhone’s durability in terms of power is by analyzing the main consumers. This info is available within…

iphone auto-lock greyed out and enabled

How To Enable Greyed Out Auto-Lock iPhone Setting

When some iOS functions become unavailable because of hardware or software errors or limitations, they turn grey, signaling that there is something wrong with the feature. When the icon or button is dimmed out, it becomes tap unresponsive, thus preventing you from enabling or modifying the specific setting. We recently showed you how to fix…

iphone 7 missing status bar on lock screen

Rare iOS 10 Lock Screen Bug Makes Status Bar Disappear

In rare cases, iPhones running iOS 10.3 experience a small Lock Screen glitch that prevents the status bar from displaying when the screen is Passcode protected. Neither the Battery percentage indicator, Wi-Fi connectivity icon, Bluetooth symbol or the carrier service bar are displayed, leaving the top area completely blank. Did you ever notice this on…

apple watch with expanded battery

Original Apple Watch Gets Free Replacement Coverage For Up To 3 Years In Case of Deformed Battery

The Apple Watch has just turned 2 years of age. The watchOS device was first released on April 24, 2015 and has managed to dominate the smartwatch industry ever since. Confirming Apple’s high standards, the 1st generation Apple Watch has aged nicely, and proves to be a reliable gadget. There aren’t significant negative reports or…