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iPhone 8 displaying 100% Battery Health

iPhone Replacement Battery Stuck At 100% Battery Health?

Have you replaced the battery of your iPhone a while ago and the new one seems stuck at 100% Battery Health? Don’t worry we do have an explanation for this anomaly. The “issue” usually occurs when the replacement battery is higher in capacity than the original one. iOS knows that the iPhone 8, for example,…

Optimized Battery Charging lock screen notification

How To Use The Optimized Battery Charging Feature In iOS 13

Apple is doing its best to increase the lifetime of your iPhone’s battery. First, the Cupertino-based tech giant has added the Low Power Mode to extend the iPhone’s uptime, by reducing unnecessary battery drainage. Then, they’ve added the Battery Health section in the Settings app, along with the Peak Performance Capability option. In iOS 13,…

brand new iphone 5s battery

How To Get A Brand New Battery For Your iPhone 5S / 5C For Under $15

Although the iPhone 5s is an Apple device released almost 6 years ago, it’s still quite popular among smartphone fans from all over the world. Because of its age there is a growing number of battery related problems for this model. All iPhones are equipped with Lithium-ion battery, which will naturally decrease in capacity as…

Turn Off iPhone Screen Time feature.

How To Disable iOS 12 Screen Time Feature And Save iPhone Battery Life

Screen Time is a feature introduced in iOS 12 that provides real-time reports about how you spend your time on your iPhone or iPad. This way you can analyze how much time you “waste” while social networking or how long you focus on productivity, in an attempt to become more efficient while browsing your smartphone….

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XS – 5 Differences

You want to upgrade to the 2018 iPhone lineup and haven’t decided which one suits you best, the iPhone XS Max or the iPhone X? In this article I’ll highlight all the differences, between the two devices, in an attempt to help you with your choice. To tell you from the start, don’t expect major…