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How to set Alarms in iOS 14

How To Set, Add And Use iPhone Alarms In iOS 14

A less popular change in iOS 14 is the Clock app redesign. The wheel picker used for setting time and configuring alarms isn’t the focal point of the interface anymore. The new version, although simplified, can be somewhat confusing. So, let’s take a look at how to add a new iPhone alarm in iOS 14…

iphone x running do not disturb bedtime mode

Do Not Disturb Enhancements In iOS 12 – Bedtime And 3D Touch

The Do Not Disturb mode is a frequently used iPhone feature that has received its share of upgrades in iOS 12. You might remember that last year, the Do Not Disturb while driving feature has been added to the iOS environment, allowing your iPhone to automatically silence when it detects that you’re driving in order…

iOS 10 Time for bed Notification.

iOS 10 Native Clock App Comes With Bedtime Feature For Sleep Tracking

The stock Clock app has also been revamped in iOS 10. Besides getting a dark theme, that is much more pleasant for your eyes, when using the iPhone in low light environment, it also comes with a new feature called Bedtime. This is a sleep tracking tool that records the amount of sleep you get…