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Notes app blank on iPhone

How To Fix Notes App Blank On iPhone, Not Showing Text

Is the Notes app blank on iPhone? It’s not showing any text when you open it? All your notes are missing? This can be caused by a syncing issue between your device and Apple’s servers where your iCloud account is hosted….

App Store blank screen issue

How To Fix Mac App Store Blank Screen In macOS Big Sur

App Store displaying a blank screen? Is the Mac App Store stuck on a blank page and not loading the wast app library collections? This is a common glitch in macOS Big Sur and usually occurs with Intel-based MacBook models. Thankfully, it can be easily fixed with a SMC and PRAM reset!…

How to fix App Store white screen issue.

How To Fix The App Store White Screen Issue

Do you get a blank screen when you attempt to open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry you’re not the first and won’t be the last either. In this article we will take a look at a couple of common fixes for this problem! iOS users require the App Store to…