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Tag: Block

iphone conference call menu

How To Dial And Manage A Conference Call From iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to engage in a call that has multiple participants. This is called a conference call and is a conversation that is very easy to set up. Group calling is useful whenever you have important business decisions to take, or more common when you want to reunite…

incoming call menu

10 Ways to Reject a Call on Your iPhone

With time being so precious nowadays we find ourselves, often, in the situation that forces us to decline an incoming call. Your iPhone provides different methods of rejecting a call, from gentle ones that are accompanied by a message informing the caller why you are unavailable to pick-up the phone, to the more brutal ones…

iphone blocked contacts list

How To Block A Number From Contacting You

Starting with iOS 7 your iPhone comes with a great feature that many of us where looking for. Your smartphone has now the option to block any number or contact from calling and messaging you. Even incoming FaceTime calls are blocked for all contacts that find themselves on your iPhone’s block list. This option is…